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We'd love to hear from you. We need to hear how we're doing in all areas - The Historical Society, the Museum, and the Website, so feedback is welcome. Our email address is boorowamuseum@gmail.com

Although we're not a genealogical database, we do like to help with information if we can. Or maybe you can help us with your own knowledge, photos and recollections. We are always looking for volunteers - maybe you can give us a little of your time!

You may also wish to upload photos or documents. Please tell us about these in the message, and let us know if we require your permission to use them on the site. A scanned image of typed text is fine - no need to re-type!


We invite you to become a member of the museum. Active members pay $15 per year, supporting members $10. You can get the membership form here and send it with a cheque to:
Boorowa and District Historical Society,
PO Box 90, Boorowa, NSW 2586