Law and Order in Old Boorowa

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Boorowa gazetted as a town


The British set up a Legislative Assembly of 54 members for NSW (the first parliament sitting in May ’56) and on 1st October that year Boorowa was appointed a place for the holding of Courts of Petty Sessions, but apart from an allowance for the Clerk at Binalong to attend Boorowa, no extra had been provided and from 1st Jan, 1856, Court was held in rented premises at the Crown Inn, later renamed the Court House Hotel.


After local representation, the sum of 800 pounds was allowed for the building of a proper court house which was duly completed on 1st October, 1860, although no provision had been made for fittings or furniture (an extra 160 pounds)


The area was fenced for 68 pounds to prevent communication of the prisoners with people in the street.


Additions to the court house of a wing for the Lands Dept for 150 pounds.


First District Court opened in October by Judge Francis – 16 cases were heard, after which dinner was served at the Royal Hotel (now the Ram and Stallion) in the “richest style”


A licencing court was established at Boorowa


The old court house was beginning to show its age and the district’s growth was taxing its capacity so in 1883 approval was given to build a new one. The materials of stone and woodwork from the old court house were auctioned in August 1883 and the Court again moved to rented premises.


Tender were called fro the erection of stables (part of the pise tables are still standing at the rear of the old police residence today)

The present day Court House


The present court house is a fine example of Colonial Architect Barnet’s classical revival style, incorporating a number of Palladian elements in its composition. The final cost was 5,750 pounds.


A picket fence stood around the building until 1936


Electricity was installed in the building


The State Government spent $35,000 on renovation around the time of the building’s centenary. The local community, as part of the centenary celebrations, present “Trial by Jury” in the building

This gracious building served the community for over 100 years until 1988 when it fell victim to cost saving measures of the government and Boorowa people now have to travel to Yass or Young for court services.


A new Police station was constructed next door.

The building is now held under lease by the Hilltops (previously Boorowa) Council on behalf of the community.